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import ""

type MethodResponse struct { ResponseModels map[string]*string `locationName:"responseModels" type:"map"` ResponseParameters map[string]*bool `locationName:"responseParameters" type:"map"` StatusCode *string `locationName:"statusCode" type:"string"` }

Represents a method response of a given HTTP status code returned to the client. The method response is passed from the back end through the associated integration response that can be transformed using a mapping template.

Example: A MethodResponse instance of an API


The example request retrieves a MethodResponse of the 200 status code.

GET /restapis/fugvjdxtri/resources/3kzxbg5sa2/methods/GET/responses/200 HTTP/1.1 Content-Type: application/json Host: X-Amz-Date: 20160603T222952Z Authorization: AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 Credential={access_key_ID}/20160603/us-east-1/apigateway/aws4_request, SignedHeaders=content-type;host;x-amz-date, Signature={sig4_hash}


The successful response returns 200 OK status and a payload as follows:

{ "_links": { "curies": { "href": "{rel}.html", "name": "methodresponse", "templated": true }, "self": { "href": "/restapis/fugvjdxtri/resources/3kzxbg5sa2/methods/GET/responses/200", "title": "200" }, "methodresponse:delete": { "href": "/restapis/fugvjdxtri/resources/3kzxbg5sa2/methods/GET/responses/200" }, "methodresponse:update": { "href": "/restapis/fugvjdxtri/resources/3kzxbg5sa2/methods/GET/responses/200" } }, "responseModels": { "application/json": "Empty" }, "responseParameters": { "method.response.header.Content-Type": false }, "statusCode": "200" }


Type: map[string]*string

Specifies the Model resources used for the response's content-type. Response models are represented as a key/value map, with a content-type as the key and a Model name as the value.


Type: map[string]*bool

A key-value map specifying required or optional response parameters that API Gateway can send back to the caller. A key defines a method response header and the value specifies whether the associated method response header is required or not. The expression of the key must match the pattern method.response.header.{name}, where name is a valid and unique header name. API Gateway passes certain integration response data to the method response headers specified here according to the mapping you prescribe in the API's IntegrationResponse. The integration response data that can be mapped include an integration response header expressed in integration.response.header.{name}, a static value enclosed within a pair of single quotes (e.g., 'application/json'), or a JSON expression from the back-end response payload in the form of integration.response.body.{JSON-expression}, where JSON-expression is a valid JSON expression without the $ prefix.)


Type: *string

The method response's status code.



func (s MethodResponse) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *MethodResponse) SetResponseModels(v map[string]*string) *MethodResponse

SetResponseModels sets the ResponseModels field's value.


func (s *MethodResponse) SetResponseParameters(v map[string]*bool) *MethodResponse

SetResponseParameters sets the ResponseParameters field's value.


func (s *MethodResponse) SetStatusCode(v string) *MethodResponse

SetStatusCode sets the StatusCode field's value.


func (s MethodResponse) String() string

String returns the string representation

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