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ErrCodeConcurrentUpdateException - ErrCodeValidationException

import ""

const ( ErrCodeConcurrentUpdateException = "ConcurrentUpdateException" ErrCodeFailedResourceAccessException = "FailedResourceAccessException" ErrCodeInternalServiceException = "InternalServiceException" ErrCodeInvalidNextTokenException = "InvalidNextTokenException" ErrCodeLimitExceededException = "LimitExceededException" ErrCodeObjectNotFoundException = "ObjectNotFoundException" ErrCodeValidationException = "ValidationException" )


ErrCodeConcurrentUpdateException for service response error code "ConcurrentUpdateException".

Concurrent updates caused an exception, for example, if you request an update to an Application Auto Scaling resource that already has a pending update.


ErrCodeFailedResourceAccessException for service response error code "FailedResourceAccessException".

Failed access to resources caused an exception. This exception is thrown when Application Auto Scaling is unable to retrieve the alarms associated with a scaling policy due to a client error, for example, if the role ARN specified for a scalable target does not have permission to call the CloudWatch DescribeAlarms ( on your behalf.


ErrCodeInternalServiceException for service response error code "InternalServiceException".

The service encountered an internal error.


ErrCodeInvalidNextTokenException for service response error code "InvalidNextTokenException".

The next token supplied was invalid.


ErrCodeLimitExceededException for service response error code "LimitExceededException".

A per-account resource limit is exceeded. For more information, see Application Auto Scaling Limits (


ErrCodeObjectNotFoundException for service response error code "ObjectNotFoundException".

The specified object could not be found. For any operation that depends on the existence of a scalable target, this exception is thrown if the scalable target with the specified service namespace, resource ID, and scalable dimension does not exist. For any operation that deletes or deregisters a resource, this exception is thrown if the resource cannot be found.


ErrCodeValidationException for service response error code "ValidationException".

An exception was thrown for a validation issue. Review the available parameters for the API request.

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