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import ""

type StreamingDistributionConfig struct { Aliases *Aliases `type:"structure"` CallerReference *string `type:"string" required:"true"` Comment *string `type:"string" required:"true"` Enabled *bool `type:"boolean" required:"true"` Logging *StreamingLoggingConfig `type:"structure"` PriceClass *string `type:"string" enum:"PriceClass"` S3Origin *S3Origin `type:"structure" required:"true"` TrustedSigners *TrustedSigners `type:"structure" required:"true"` }

The RTMP distribution's configuration information.


A complex type that contains information about CNAMEs (alternate domain names), if any, for this distribution.


Type: *string

A unique value (for example, a date-time stamp) that ensures that the request can't be replayed.

If the value of CallerReference is new (regardless of the content of the StreamingDistributionConfig object), CloudFront creates a new distribution.

If CallerReference is a value that you already sent in a previous request to create a distribution, CloudFront returns a DistributionAlreadyExists error.

CallerReference is a required field


Type: *string

Any comments you want to include about the streaming distribution.

Comment is a required field


Type: *bool

Whether the streaming distribution is enabled to accept user requests for content.

Enabled is a required field


A complex type that controls whether access logs are written for this streaming distribution.


Type: *string

A complex type that contains information about price class for this streaming distribution.


A complex type that contains information about the Amazon S3 bucket from which you want CloudFront to get your media files for distribution.


A complex type that specifies the AWS accounts, if any, that you want to allow to create signed URLs for private content.

If you want to require signed URLs in requests for objects in the target origin that match the PathPattern for this cache behavior, specify true for Enabled, and specify the applicable values for Quantity and Items. For more information, see Serving Private Content through CloudFront ( in the Amazon Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide.

If you don't want to require signed URLs in requests for objects that match PathPattern, specify false for Enabled and 0 for Quantity. Omit Items.

To add, change, or remove one or more trusted signers, change Enabled to true (if it's currently false), change Quantity as applicable, and specify all of the trusted signers that you want to include in the updated distribution.

For more information about updating the distribution configuration, see DistributionConfig .



func (s StreamingDistributionConfig) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *StreamingDistributionConfig) SetAliases(v *Aliases) *StreamingDistributionConfig

SetAliases sets the Aliases field's value.


func (s *StreamingDistributionConfig) SetCallerReference(v string) *StreamingDistributionConfig

SetCallerReference sets the CallerReference field's value.


func (s *StreamingDistributionConfig) SetComment(v string) *StreamingDistributionConfig

SetComment sets the Comment field's value.


func (s *StreamingDistributionConfig) SetEnabled(v bool) *StreamingDistributionConfig

SetEnabled sets the Enabled field's value.


func (s *StreamingDistributionConfig) SetLogging(v *StreamingLoggingConfig) *StreamingDistributionConfig

SetLogging sets the Logging field's value.


func (s *StreamingDistributionConfig) SetPriceClass(v string) *StreamingDistributionConfig

SetPriceClass sets the PriceClass field's value.


func (s *StreamingDistributionConfig) SetS3Origin(v *S3Origin) *StreamingDistributionConfig

SetS3Origin sets the S3Origin field's value.


func (s *StreamingDistributionConfig) SetTrustedSigners(v *TrustedSigners) *StreamingDistributionConfig

SetTrustedSigners sets the TrustedSigners field's value.


func (s StreamingDistributionConfig) String() string

String returns the string representation


func (s *StreamingDistributionConfig) Validate() error

Validate inspects the fields of the type to determine if they are valid.

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