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import ""

type Operator struct { Type *string `locationName:"type" type:"string" enum:"OperatorType"` Values []*string `locationName:"values" type:"list"` }

Contains a logical operation for comparing the value of a field with a specified value.


Type: *string

The logical operation to be performed: equal (EQ), equal reference (REF_EQ), less than or equal (LE), greater than or equal (GE), or between (BETWEEN). Equal reference (REF_EQ) can be used only with reference fields. The other comparison types can be used only with String fields. The comparison types you can use apply only to certain object fields, as detailed below.

The comparison operators EQ and REF_EQ act on the following fields:

  • name

  • @sphere

  • parent

  • @componentParent

  • @instanceParent

  • @status

  • @scheduledStartTime

  • @scheduledEndTime

  • @actualStartTime

  • @actualEndTime

The comparison operators GE, LE, and BETWEEN act on the following fields:

  • @scheduledStartTime

  • @scheduledEndTime

  • @actualStartTime

  • @actualEndTime

Note that fields beginning with the at sign (@) are read-only and set by the web service. When you name fields, you should choose names containing only alpha-numeric values, as symbols may be reserved by AWS Data Pipeline. User-defined fields that you add to a pipeline should prefix their name with the string "my".


Type: []*string

The value that the actual field value will be compared with.



func (s Operator) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *Operator) SetType(v string) *Operator

SetType sets the Type field's value.


func (s *Operator) SetValues(v []*string) *Operator

SetValues sets the Values field's value.


func (s Operator) String() string

String returns the string representation

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