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import ""

type Artifact struct { Arn *string `locationName:"arn" min:"32" type:"string"` Extension *string `locationName:"extension" type:"string"` Name *string `locationName:"name" type:"string"` Type *string `locationName:"type" type:"string" enum:"ArtifactType"` Url *string `locationName:"url" type:"string"` }

Represents the output of a test. Examples of artifacts include logs and screenshots.


Type: *string

The artifact's ARN.


Type: *string

The artifact's file extension.


Type: *string

The artifact's name.


Type: *string

The artifact's type.

Allowed values include the following:

  • UNKNOWN: An unknown type.

  • SCREENSHOT: The screenshot type.

  • DEVICE_LOG: The device log type.

  • MESSAGE_LOG: The message log type.

  • VIDEO_LOG: The video log type.

  • RESULT_LOG: The result log type.

  • SERVICE_LOG: The service log type.

  • WEBKIT_LOG: The web kit log type.

  • INSTRUMENTATION_OUTPUT: The instrumentation type.

  • EXERCISER_MONKEY_OUTPUT: For Android, the artifact (log) generated by an Android fuzz test.

  • CALABASH_JSON_OUTPUT: The Calabash JSON output type.

  • CALABASH_PRETTY_OUTPUT: The Calabash pretty output type.

  • CALABASH_STANDARD_OUTPUT: The Calabash standard output type.

  • CALABASH_JAVA_XML_OUTPUT: The Calabash Java XML output type.

  • AUTOMATION_OUTPUT: The automation output type.

  • APPIUM_SERVER_OUTPUT: The Appium server output type.

  • APPIUM_JAVA_OUTPUT: The Appium Java output type.

  • APPIUM_JAVA_XML_OUTPUT: The Appium Java XML output type.

  • APPIUM_PYTHON_OUTPUT: The Appium Python output type.

  • APPIUM_PYTHON_XML_OUTPUT: The Appium Python XML output type.

  • EXPLORER_EVENT_LOG: The Explorer event log output type.

  • EXPLORER_SUMMARY_LOG: The Explorer summary log output type.

  • APPLICATION_CRASH_REPORT: The application crash report output type.

  • XCTEST_LOG: The XCode test output type.

  • VIDEO: The Video output type.

  • CUSTOMER_ARTIFACT:The Customer Artifact output type.

  • CUSTOMER_ARTIFACT_LOG: The Customer Artifact Log output type.

  • TESTSPEC_OUTPUT: The Test Spec Output type.


Type: *string

The pre-signed Amazon S3 URL that can be used with a corresponding GET request to download the artifact's file.



func (s Artifact) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *Artifact) SetArn(v string) *Artifact

SetArn sets the Arn field's value.


func (s *Artifact) SetExtension(v string) *Artifact

SetExtension sets the Extension field's value.


func (s *Artifact) SetName(v string) *Artifact

SetName sets the Name field's value.


func (s *Artifact) SetType(v string) *Artifact

SetType sets the Type field's value.


func (s *Artifact) SetUrl(v string) *Artifact

SetUrl sets the Url field's value.


func (s Artifact) String() string

String returns the string representation

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