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import ""

type KeyConditionBuilder struct { }

KeyConditionBuilder represents Key Condition Expressions in DynamoDB. KeyConditionBuilders are the building blocks of Expressions. More Information at:



func (kcb KeyConditionBuilder) And(right KeyConditionBuilder) KeyConditionBuilder

And returns a KeyConditionBuilder representing the logical AND clause of the two argument KeyConditionBuilders. The resulting KeyConditionBuilder can be used as an argument to the WithKeyCondition() method for the Builder struct.


// keyCondition represents the key condition where the partition key // "TeamName" is equal to value "Wildcats" and sort key "Number" is equal // to value 1 keyCondition := expression.Key("TeamName").Equal(expression.Value("Wildcats")).And(expression.Key("Number").Equal(expression.Value(1))) // Used to make an Builder builder := expression.NewBuilder().WithKeyCondition(keyCondition)

Expression Equivalent:

expression.Key("TeamName").Equal(expression.Value("Wildcats")).And(expression.Key("Number").Equal(expression.Value(1))) // Let #NUMBER, :teamName, and :one be ExpressionAttributeName and // ExpressionAttributeValues representing the item attribute "Number", // the value "Wildcats", and the value 1 "(TeamName = :teamName) AND (#NUMBER = :one)"

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