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import ""

type ProjectionBuilder struct { }

ProjectionBuilder represents Projection Expressions in DynamoDB. ProjectionBuilders are the building blocks of Builders. More Information at:



func (pb ProjectionBuilder) AddNames(namesList ...NameBuilder) ProjectionBuilder

AddNames returns a ProjectionBuilder representing the list of item attribute names equivalent to appending all of the argument item attribute names to the argument ProjectionBuilder. The resulting ProjectionBuilder can be used as a part of other ProjectionBuilders or as an argument to the WithProjection() method for the Builder struct.


// projection represents the list of names {"foo", "bar", "baz", "qux"} oldProj := expression.NamesList(expression.Name("foo"), expression.Name("bar")) projection := oldProj.AddNames(expression.Name("baz"), expression.Name("qux")) // Used in another Projection Expression anotherProjection := expression.AddNames(projection, expression.Name("quux")) // Used to make an Builder builder := expression.NewBuilder().WithProjection(newProjection)

Expression Equivalent:

expression.NamesList(expression.Name("foo"), expression.Name("bar")).AddNames(expression.Name("baz"), expression.Name("qux")) "foo, bar, baz, qux"

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