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ErrCodeExpiredIteratorException - ErrCodeTrimmedDataAccessException

import ""

const ( ErrCodeExpiredIteratorException = "ExpiredIteratorException" ErrCodeInternalServerError = "InternalServerError" ErrCodeLimitExceededException = "LimitExceededException" ErrCodeResourceNotFoundException = "ResourceNotFoundException" ErrCodeTrimmedDataAccessException = "TrimmedDataAccessException" )


ErrCodeExpiredIteratorException for service response error code "ExpiredIteratorException".

The shard iterator has expired and can no longer be used to retrieve stream records. A shard iterator expires 15 minutes after it is retrieved using the GetShardIterator action.


ErrCodeInternalServerError for service response error code "InternalServerError".

An error occurred on the server side.


ErrCodeLimitExceededException for service response error code "LimitExceededException".

Your request rate is too high. The AWS SDKs for DynamoDB automatically retry requests that receive this exception. Your request is eventually successful, unless your retry queue is too large to finish. Reduce the frequency of requests and use exponential backoff. For more information, go to Error Retries and Exponential Backoff ( in the Amazon DynamoDB Developer Guide.


ErrCodeResourceNotFoundException for service response error code "ResourceNotFoundException".

The operation tried to access a nonexistent stream.


ErrCodeTrimmedDataAccessException for service response error code "TrimmedDataAccessException".

The operation attempted to read past the oldest stream record in a shard.

In DynamoDB Streams, there is a 24 hour limit on data retention. Stream records whose age exceeds this limit are subject to removal (trimming) from the stream. You might receive a TrimmedDataAccessException if:

  • You request a shard iterator with a sequence number older than the trim point (24 hours).

  • You obtain a shard iterator, but before you use the iterator in a GetRecords request, a stream record in the shard exceeds the 24 hour period and is trimmed. This causes the iterator to access a record that no longer exists.

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