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import ""

type ModifyReplicationGroupInput struct { ApplyImmediately *bool `type:"boolean"` AutoMinorVersionUpgrade *bool `type:"boolean"` AutomaticFailoverEnabled *bool `type:"boolean"` CacheNodeType *string `type:"string"` CacheParameterGroupName *string `type:"string"` CacheSecurityGroupNames []*string `locationNameList:"CacheSecurityGroupName" type:"list"` EngineVersion *string `type:"string"` NodeGroupId *string `deprecated:"true" type:"string"` NotificationTopicArn *string `type:"string"` NotificationTopicStatus *string `type:"string"` PreferredMaintenanceWindow *string `type:"string"` PrimaryClusterId *string `type:"string"` ReplicationGroupDescription *string `type:"string"` ReplicationGroupId *string `type:"string" required:"true"` SecurityGroupIds []*string `locationNameList:"SecurityGroupId" type:"list"` SnapshotRetentionLimit *int64 `type:"integer"` SnapshotWindow *string `type:"string"` SnapshottingClusterId *string `type:"string"` }

Represents the input of a ModifyReplicationGroups operation.


Type: *bool

If true, this parameter causes the modifications in this request and any pending modifications to be applied, asynchronously and as soon as possible, regardless of the PreferredMaintenanceWindow setting for the replication group.

If false, changes to the nodes in the replication group are applied on the next maintenance reboot, or the next failure reboot, whichever occurs first.

Valid values: true | false

Default: false


Type: *bool

This parameter is currently disabled.


Type: *bool

Determines whether a read replica is automatically promoted to read/write primary if the existing primary encounters a failure.

Valid values: true | false

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis does not support Multi-AZ with automatic failover on:

  • Redis versions earlier than 2.8.6.

  • Redis (cluster mode disabled): T1 and T2 cache node types.

  • Redis (cluster mode enabled): T1 node types.


Type: *string

A valid cache node type that you want to scale this replication group to.


Type: *string

The name of the cache parameter group to apply to all of the clusters in this replication group. This change is asynchronously applied as soon as possible for parameters when the ApplyImmediately parameter is specified as true for this request.


Type: []*string

A list of cache security group names to authorize for the clusters in this replication group. This change is asynchronously applied as soon as possible.

This parameter can be used only with replication group containing clusters running outside of an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

Constraints: Must contain no more than 255 alphanumeric characters. Must not be Default.


Type: *string

The upgraded version of the cache engine to be run on the clusters in the replication group.

Important: You can upgrade to a newer engine version (see Selecting a Cache Engine and Version (, but you cannot downgrade to an earlier engine version. If you want to use an earlier engine version, you must delete the existing replication group and create it anew with the earlier engine version.


Type: *string

Deprecated. This parameter is not used.

Deprecated: NodeGroupId has been deprecated


Type: *string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Amazon SNS topic to which notifications are sent.

The Amazon SNS topic owner must be same as the replication group owner.


Type: *string

The status of the Amazon SNS notification topic for the replication group. Notifications are sent only if the status is active.

Valid values: active | inactive


Type: *string

Specifies the weekly time range during which maintenance on the cluster is performed. It is specified as a range in the format ddd:hh24:mi-ddd:hh24:mi (24H Clock UTC). The minimum maintenance window is a 60 minute period.

Valid values for ddd are:

  • sun

  • mon

  • tue

  • wed

  • thu

  • fri

  • sat

Example: sun:23:00-mon:01:30


Type: *string

For replication groups with a single primary, if this parameter is specified, ElastiCache promotes the specified cluster in the specified replication group to the primary role. The nodes of all other clusters in the replication group are read replicas.


Type: *string

A description for the replication group. Maximum length is 255 characters.


Type: *string

The identifier of the replication group to modify.

ReplicationGroupId is a required field


Type: []*string

Specifies the VPC Security Groups associated with the clusters in the replication group.

This parameter can be used only with replication group containing clusters running in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).


Type: *int64

The number of days for which ElastiCache retains automatic node group (shard) snapshots before deleting them. For example, if you set SnapshotRetentionLimit to 5, a snapshot that was taken today is retained for 5 days before being deleted.

Important If the value of SnapshotRetentionLimit is set to zero (0), backups are turned off.


Type: *string

The daily time range (in UTC) during which ElastiCache begins taking a daily snapshot of the node group (shard) specified by SnapshottingClusterId.

Example: 05:00-09:00

If you do not specify this parameter, ElastiCache automatically chooses an appropriate time range.


Type: *string

The cluster ID that is used as the daily snapshot source for the replication group. This parameter cannot be set for Redis (cluster mode enabled) replication groups.



func (s ModifyReplicationGroupInput) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetApplyImmediately(v bool) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetApplyImmediately sets the ApplyImmediately field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetAutoMinorVersionUpgrade(v bool) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetAutoMinorVersionUpgrade sets the AutoMinorVersionUpgrade field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetAutomaticFailoverEnabled(v bool) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetAutomaticFailoverEnabled sets the AutomaticFailoverEnabled field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetCacheNodeType(v string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetCacheNodeType sets the CacheNodeType field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetCacheParameterGroupName(v string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetCacheParameterGroupName sets the CacheParameterGroupName field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetCacheSecurityGroupNames(v []*string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetCacheSecurityGroupNames sets the CacheSecurityGroupNames field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetEngineVersion(v string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetEngineVersion sets the EngineVersion field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetNodeGroupId(v string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetNodeGroupId sets the NodeGroupId field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetNotificationTopicArn(v string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetNotificationTopicArn sets the NotificationTopicArn field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetNotificationTopicStatus(v string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetNotificationTopicStatus sets the NotificationTopicStatus field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetPreferredMaintenanceWindow(v string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetPreferredMaintenanceWindow sets the PreferredMaintenanceWindow field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetPrimaryClusterId(v string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetPrimaryClusterId sets the PrimaryClusterId field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetReplicationGroupDescription(v string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetReplicationGroupDescription sets the ReplicationGroupDescription field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetReplicationGroupId(v string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetReplicationGroupId sets the ReplicationGroupId field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetSecurityGroupIds(v []*string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetSecurityGroupIds sets the SecurityGroupIds field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetSnapshotRetentionLimit(v int64) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetSnapshotRetentionLimit sets the SnapshotRetentionLimit field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetSnapshotWindow(v string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetSnapshotWindow sets the SnapshotWindow field's value.


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) SetSnapshottingClusterId(v string) *ModifyReplicationGroupInput

SetSnapshottingClusterId sets the SnapshottingClusterId field's value.


func (s ModifyReplicationGroupInput) String() string

String returns the string representation


func (s *ModifyReplicationGroupInput) Validate() error

Validate inspects the fields of the type to determine if they are valid.

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