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import ""

type ConnectionPasswordEncryption struct { AwsKmsKeyId *string `min:"1" type:"string"` ReturnConnectionPasswordEncrypted *bool `type:"boolean" required:"true"` }

The data structure used by the Data Catalog to encrypt the password as part of CreateConnection or UpdateConnection and store it in the ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD field in the connection properties. You can enable catalog encryption or only password encryption.

When a CreationConnection request arrives containing a password, the Data Catalog first encrypts the password using your AWS KMS key. It then encrypts the whole connection object again if catalog encryption is also enabled.

This encryption requires that you set AWS KMS key permissions to enable or restrict access on the password key according to your security requirements. For example, you might want only admin users to have decrypt permission on the password key.


Type: *string

An AWS KMS key that is used to encrypt the connection password.

If connection password protection is enabled, the caller of CreateConnection and UpdateConnection needs at least kms:Encrypt permission on the specified AWS KMS key, to encrypt passwords before storing them in the Data Catalog.

You can set the decrypt permission to enable or restrict access on the password key according to your security requirements.


Type: *bool

When the ReturnConnectionPasswordEncrypted flag is set to "true", passwords remain encrypted in the responses of GetConnection and GetConnections. This encryption takes effect independently from catalog encryption.

ReturnConnectionPasswordEncrypted is a required field



func (s ConnectionPasswordEncryption) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *ConnectionPasswordEncryption) SetAwsKmsKeyId(v string) *ConnectionPasswordEncryption

SetAwsKmsKeyId sets the AwsKmsKeyId field's value.


func (s *ConnectionPasswordEncryption) SetReturnConnectionPasswordEncrypted(v bool) *ConnectionPasswordEncryption

SetReturnConnectionPasswordEncrypted sets the ReturnConnectionPasswordEncrypted field's value.


func (s ConnectionPasswordEncryption) String() string

String returns the string representation


func (s *ConnectionPasswordEncryption) Validate() error

Validate inspects the fields of the type to determine if they are valid.

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