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Package lightsail provides the client and types for making API requests to Amazon Lightsail.

Amazon Lightsail is the easiest way to get started with AWS for developers who just need virtual private servers. Lightsail includes everything you need to launch your project quickly - a virtual machine, SSD-based storage, data transfer, DNS management, and a static IP - for a low, predictable price. You manage those Lightsail servers through the Lightsail console or by using the API or command-line interface (CLI).

For more information about Lightsail concepts and tasks, see the Lightsail Dev Guide (

To use the Lightsail API or the CLI, you will need to use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to generate access keys. For details about how to set this up, see the Lightsail Dev Guide (

See for more information on this service.

See lightsail package documentation for more information.

Using the Client

To contact Amazon Lightsail with the SDK use the New function to create a new service client. With that client you can make API requests to the service. These clients are safe to use concurrently.

See the SDK's documentation for more information on how to use the SDK.

See aws.Config documentation for more information on configuring SDK clients.

See the Amazon Lightsail client Lightsail for more information on creating client for this service.