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import ""

type QualificationRequirement struct { ActionsGuarded *string `type:"string" enum:"HITAccessActions"` Comparator *string `type:"string" required:"true" enum:"Comparator"` IntegerValues []*int64 `type:"list"` LocaleValues []*Locale `type:"list"` QualificationTypeId *string `type:"string" required:"true"` RequiredToPreview *bool `deprecated:"true" type:"boolean"` }

The QualificationRequirement data structure describes a Qualification that a Worker must have before the Worker is allowed to accept a HIT. A requirement may optionally state that a Worker must have the Qualification in order to preview the HIT, or see the HIT in search results.


Type: *string

Setting this attribute prevents Workers whose Qualifications do not meet this QualificationRequirement from taking the specified action. Valid arguments include "Accept" (Worker cannot accept the HIT, but can preview the HIT and see it in their search results), "PreviewAndAccept" (Worker cannot accept or preview the HIT, but can see the HIT in their search results), and "DiscoverPreviewAndAccept" (Worker cannot accept, preview, or see the HIT in their search results). It's possible for you to create a HIT with multiple QualificationRequirements (which can have different values for the ActionGuarded attribute). In this case, the Worker is only permitted to perform an action when they have met all QualificationRequirements guarding the action. The actions in the order of least restrictive to most restrictive are Discover, Preview and Accept. For example, if a Worker meets all QualificationRequirements that are set to DiscoverPreviewAndAccept, but do not meet all requirements that are set with PreviewAndAccept, then the Worker will be able to Discover, i.e. see the HIT in their search result, but will not be able to Preview or Accept the HIT. ActionsGuarded should not be used in combination with the RequiredToPreview field.


Type: *string

The kind of comparison to make against a Qualification's value. You can compare a Qualification's value to an IntegerValue to see if it is LessThan, LessThanOrEqualTo, GreaterThan, GreaterThanOrEqualTo, EqualTo, or NotEqualTo the IntegerValue. You can compare it to a LocaleValue to see if it is EqualTo, or NotEqualTo the LocaleValue. You can check to see if the value is In or NotIn a set of IntegerValue or LocaleValue values. Lastly, a Qualification requirement can also test if a Qualification Exists or DoesNotExist in the user's profile, regardless of its value.

Comparator is a required field


Type: []*int64

The integer value to compare against the Qualification's value. IntegerValue must not be present if Comparator is Exists or DoesNotExist. IntegerValue can only be used if the Qualification type has an integer value; it cannot be used with the Worker_Locale QualificationType ID. When performing a set comparison by using the In or the NotIn comparator, you can use up to 15 IntegerValue elements in a QualificationRequirement data structure.


The Locale data structure represents a geographical region or location.


Type: *string

The ID of the Qualification type for the requirement.

QualificationTypeId is a required field


Type: *bool

DEPRECATED: Use the ActionsGuarded field instead. If RequiredToPreview is true, the question data for the HIT will not be shown when a Worker whose Qualifications do not meet this requirement tries to preview the HIT. That is, a Worker's Qualifications must meet all of the requirements for which RequiredToPreview is true in order to preview the HIT. If a Worker meets all of the requirements where RequiredToPreview is true (or if there are no such requirements), but does not meet all of the requirements for the HIT, the Worker will be allowed to preview the HIT's question data, but will not be allowed to accept and complete the HIT. The default is false. This should not be used in combination with the ActionsGuarded field.

Deprecated: RequiredToPreview has been deprecated



func (s QualificationRequirement) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *QualificationRequirement) SetActionsGuarded(v string) *QualificationRequirement

SetActionsGuarded sets the ActionsGuarded field's value.


func (s *QualificationRequirement) SetComparator(v string) *QualificationRequirement

SetComparator sets the Comparator field's value.


func (s *QualificationRequirement) SetIntegerValues(v []*int64) *QualificationRequirement

SetIntegerValues sets the IntegerValues field's value.


func (s *QualificationRequirement) SetLocaleValues(v []*Locale) *QualificationRequirement

SetLocaleValues sets the LocaleValues field's value.


func (s *QualificationRequirement) SetQualificationTypeId(v string) *QualificationRequirement

SetQualificationTypeId sets the QualificationTypeId field's value.


func (s *QualificationRequirement) SetRequiredToPreview(v bool) *QualificationRequirement

SetRequiredToPreview sets the RequiredToPreview field's value.


func (s QualificationRequirement) String() string

String returns the string representation


func (s *QualificationRequirement) Validate() error

Validate inspects the fields of the type to determine if they are valid.

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