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import ""

type CreateEventSubscriptionInput struct { Enabled *bool `type:"boolean"` EventCategories []*string `locationNameList:"EventCategory" type:"list"` SnsTopicArn *string `type:"string" required:"true"` SourceIds []*string `locationNameList:"SourceId" type:"list"` SourceType *string `type:"string"` SubscriptionName *string `type:"string" required:"true"` Tags []*Tag `locationNameList:"Tag" type:"list"` }


Type: *bool

A Boolean value; set to true to activate the subscription, set to false to create the subscription but not active it.


Type: []*string

A list of event categories for a SourceType that you want to subscribe to. You can see a list of the categories for a given SourceType in the Events ( topic in the Amazon RDS User Guide or by using the DescribeEventCategories action.


Type: *string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the SNS topic created for event notification. The ARN is created by Amazon SNS when you create a topic and subscribe to it.

SnsTopicArn is a required field


Type: []*string

The list of identifiers of the event sources for which events are returned. If not specified, then all sources are included in the response. An identifier must begin with a letter and must contain only ASCII letters, digits, and hyphens; it can't end with a hyphen or contain two consecutive hyphens.


  • If SourceIds are supplied, SourceType must also be provided.

  • If the source type is a DB instance, then a DBInstanceIdentifier must be supplied.

  • If the source type is a DB security group, a DBSecurityGroupName must be supplied.

  • If the source type is a DB parameter group, a DBParameterGroupName must be supplied.

  • If the source type is a DB snapshot, a DBSnapshotIdentifier must be supplied.


Type: *string

The type of source that is generating the events. For example, if you want to be notified of events generated by a DB instance, you would set this parameter to db-instance. if this value is not specified, all events are returned.

Valid values: db-instance | db-cluster | db-parameter-group | db-security-group | db-snapshot | db-cluster-snapshot


Type: *string

The name of the subscription.

Constraints: The name must be less than 255 characters.

SubscriptionName is a required field


Metadata assigned to an Amazon RDS resource consisting of a key-value pair.



func (s CreateEventSubscriptionInput) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *CreateEventSubscriptionInput) SetEnabled(v bool) *CreateEventSubscriptionInput

SetEnabled sets the Enabled field's value.


func (s *CreateEventSubscriptionInput) SetEventCategories(v []*string) *CreateEventSubscriptionInput

SetEventCategories sets the EventCategories field's value.


func (s *CreateEventSubscriptionInput) SetSnsTopicArn(v string) *CreateEventSubscriptionInput

SetSnsTopicArn sets the SnsTopicArn field's value.


func (s *CreateEventSubscriptionInput) SetSourceIds(v []*string) *CreateEventSubscriptionInput

SetSourceIds sets the SourceIds field's value.


func (s *CreateEventSubscriptionInput) SetSourceType(v string) *CreateEventSubscriptionInput

SetSourceType sets the SourceType field's value.


func (s *CreateEventSubscriptionInput) SetSubscriptionName(v string) *CreateEventSubscriptionInput

SetSubscriptionName sets the SubscriptionName field's value.


func (s *CreateEventSubscriptionInput) SetTags(v []*Tag) *CreateEventSubscriptionInput

SetTags sets the Tags field's value.


func (s CreateEventSubscriptionInput) String() string

String returns the string representation


func (s *CreateEventSubscriptionInput) Validate() error

Validate inspects the fields of the type to determine if they are valid.

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