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import ""

type ListHealthChecksInput struct { Marker *string `location:"querystring" locationName:"marker" type:"string"` MaxItems *string `location:"querystring" locationName:"maxitems" type:"string"` }

A request to retrieve a list of the health checks that are associated with the current AWS account.


Type: *string

If the value of IsTruncated in the previous response was true, you have more health checks. To get another group, submit another ListHealthChecks request.

For the value of marker, specify the value of NextMarker from the previous response, which is the ID of the first health check that Amazon Route 53 will return if you submit another request.

If the value of IsTruncated in the previous response was false, there are no more health checks to get.


Type: *string

The maximum number of health checks that you want ListHealthChecks to return in response to the current request. Amazon Route 53 returns a maximum of 100 items. If you set MaxItems to a value greater than 100, Route 53 returns only the first 100 health checks.



func (s ListHealthChecksInput) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *ListHealthChecksInput) SetMarker(v string) *ListHealthChecksInput

SetMarker sets the Marker field's value.


func (s *ListHealthChecksInput) SetMaxItems(v string) *ListHealthChecksInput

SetMaxItems sets the MaxItems field's value.


func (s ListHealthChecksInput) String() string

String returns the string representation

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