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import ""

type DescribeCasesOutput struct { Cases []*CaseDetails `locationName:"cases" type:"list"` NextToken *string `locationName:"nextToken" type:"string"` }

Returns an array of CaseDetails objects and a nextToken that defines a point for pagination in the result set.


A JSON-formatted object that contains the metadata for a support case. It is contained the response from a DescribeCases request. CaseDetails contains the following fields:

  • caseId. The AWS Support case ID requested or returned in the call. The case ID is an alphanumeric string formatted as shown in this example: case-12345678910-2013-c4c1d2bf33c5cf47.

  • categoryCode. The category of problem for the AWS Support case. Corresponds to the CategoryCode values returned by a call to DescribeServices.

  • displayId. The identifier for the case on pages in the AWS Support Center.

  • language. The ISO 639-1 code for the language in which AWS provides support. AWS Support currently supports English ("en") and Japanese ("ja"). Language parameters must be passed explicitly for operations that take them.

  • recentCommunications. One or more Communication objects. Fields of these objects are attachments, body, caseId, submittedBy, and timeCreated.

  • nextToken. A resumption point for pagination.

  • serviceCode. The identifier for the AWS service that corresponds to the service code defined in the call to DescribeServices.

  • severityCode. The severity code assigned to the case. Contains one of the values returned by the call to DescribeSeverityLevels.

  • status. The status of the case in the AWS Support Center.

  • subject. The subject line of the case.

  • submittedBy. The email address of the account that submitted the case.

  • timeCreated. The time the case was created, in ISO-8601 format.


Type: *string

A resumption point for pagination.



func (s DescribeCasesOutput) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *DescribeCasesOutput) SetCases(v []*CaseDetails) *DescribeCasesOutput

SetCases sets the Cases field's value.


func (s *DescribeCasesOutput) SetNextToken(v string) *DescribeCasesOutput

SetNextToken sets the NextToken field's value.


func (s DescribeCasesOutput) String() string

String returns the string representation

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