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import ""

type GetSampledRequestsOutput struct { PopulationSize *int64 `type:"long"` SampledRequests []*SampledHTTPRequest `type:"list"` TimeWindow *TimeWindow `type:"structure"` }


Type: *int64

The total number of requests from which GetSampledRequests got a sample of MaxItems requests. If PopulationSize is less than MaxItems, the sample includes every request that your AWS resource received during the specified time range.


The response from a GetSampledRequests request includes a SampledHTTPRequests complex type that appears as SampledRequests in the response syntax. SampledHTTPRequests contains one SampledHTTPRequest object for each web request that is returned by GetSampledRequests.


In a GetSampledRequests request, the StartTime and EndTime objects specify the time range for which you want AWS WAF to return a sample of web requests.

In a GetSampledRequests response, the StartTime and EndTime objects specify the time range for which AWS WAF actually returned a sample of web requests. AWS WAF gets the specified number of requests from among the first 5,000 requests that your AWS resource receives during the specified time period. If your resource receives more than 5,000 requests during that period, AWS WAF stops sampling after the 5,000th request. In that case, EndTime is the time that AWS WAF received the 5,000th request.



func (s GetSampledRequestsOutput) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *GetSampledRequestsOutput) SetPopulationSize(v int64) *GetSampledRequestsOutput

SetPopulationSize sets the PopulationSize field's value.


func (s *GetSampledRequestsOutput) SetSampledRequests(v []*SampledHTTPRequest) *GetSampledRequestsOutput

SetSampledRequests sets the SampledRequests field's value.


func (s *GetSampledRequestsOutput) SetTimeWindow(v *TimeWindow) *GetSampledRequestsOutput

SetTimeWindow sets the TimeWindow field's value.


func (s GetSampledRequestsOutput) String() string

String returns the string representation

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