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ErrCodeDirectoryServiceAuthenticationFailedException - ErrCodeUnsupportedOperationException

import ""

const ( ErrCodeDirectoryServiceAuthenticationFailedException = "DirectoryServiceAuthenticationFailedException" ErrCodeDirectoryUnavailableException = "DirectoryUnavailableException" ErrCodeEmailAddressInUseException = "EmailAddressInUseException" ErrCodeEntityAlreadyRegisteredException = "EntityAlreadyRegisteredException" ErrCodeEntityNotFoundException = "EntityNotFoundException" ErrCodeEntityStateException = "EntityStateException" ErrCodeInvalidConfigurationException = "InvalidConfigurationException" ErrCodeInvalidParameterException = "InvalidParameterException" ErrCodeInvalidPasswordException = "InvalidPasswordException" ErrCodeMailDomainNotFoundException = "MailDomainNotFoundException" ErrCodeMailDomainStateException = "MailDomainStateException" ErrCodeNameAvailabilityException = "NameAvailabilityException" ErrCodeOrganizationNotFoundException = "OrganizationNotFoundException" ErrCodeOrganizationStateException = "OrganizationStateException" ErrCodeReservedNameException = "ReservedNameException" ErrCodeUnsupportedOperationException = "UnsupportedOperationException" )


ErrCodeDirectoryServiceAuthenticationFailedException for service response error code "DirectoryServiceAuthenticationFailedException".

The Directory Service doesn't recognize the credentials supplied by the Amazon WorkMail service.


ErrCodeDirectoryUnavailableException for service response error code "DirectoryUnavailableException".

The directory that you are trying to perform operations on isn't available.


ErrCodeEmailAddressInUseException for service response error code "EmailAddressInUseException".

The email address that you're trying to assign is already created for a different user, group, or resource.


ErrCodeEntityAlreadyRegisteredException for service response error code "EntityAlreadyRegisteredException".

The user, group, or resource that you're trying to register is already registered.


ErrCodeEntityNotFoundException for service response error code "EntityNotFoundException".

The identifier supplied for the entity is valid, but it does not exist in your organization.


ErrCodeEntityStateException for service response error code "EntityStateException".

You are performing an operation on an entity that isn't in the expected state, such as trying to update a deleted user.


ErrCodeInvalidConfigurationException for service response error code "InvalidConfigurationException".

The configuration for a resource isn't valid. A resource must either be able to auto-respond to requests or have at least one delegate associated that can do it on its behalf.


ErrCodeInvalidParameterException for service response error code "InvalidParameterException".

One or more of the input parameters don't match the service's restrictions.


ErrCodeInvalidPasswordException for service response error code "InvalidPasswordException".

The supplied password doesn't match the minimum security constraints, such as length or use of special characters.


ErrCodeMailDomainNotFoundException for service response error code "MailDomainNotFoundException".

For an email or alias to be created in Amazon WorkMail, the included domain must be defined in the organization.


ErrCodeMailDomainStateException for service response error code "MailDomainStateException".

After a domain has been added to the organization, it must be verified. The domain is not yet verified.


ErrCodeNameAvailabilityException for service response error code "NameAvailabilityException".

The entity (user, group, or user) name isn't unique in Amazon WorkMail.


ErrCodeOrganizationNotFoundException for service response error code "OrganizationNotFoundException".

An operation received a valid organization identifier that either doesn't belong or exist in the system.


ErrCodeOrganizationStateException for service response error code "OrganizationStateException".

The organization must have a valid state (Active or Synchronizing) to perform certain operations on the organization or its entities.


ErrCodeReservedNameException for service response error code "ReservedNameException".

This entity name is not allowed in Amazon WorkMail.


ErrCodeUnsupportedOperationException for service response error code "UnsupportedOperationException".

You can't perform a write operation against a read-only directory.

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