Synthesizing Speech - AWS SDK for Go (version 1)

We announced the upcoming end-of-support for AWS SDK for Go V1. We recommend that you migrate to AWS SDK for Go V2. For dates, additional details, and information on how to migrate, please refer to the linked announcement.

Synthesizing Speech

This example uses the SynthesizeSpeech operation to get the text from a file and produce an MP3 file containing the synthesized speech.

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Create the file pollySynthesizeSpeech.go. Import the packages used in the example.

import ( "" "" "" "fmt" "os" "strings" "io" "io/ioutil" )

Get the name of the text file from the command line.

if len(os.Args) != 2 { fmt.Println("You must supply an alarm name") os.Exit(1) } fileName := os.Args[1]

Open the text file and read the contents as a string.

contents, err := ioutil.ReadFile(fileName) s := string(contents[:])

Initialize a session that the SDK will use to load credentials from the shared credentials file ~/.aws/credentials, load your configuration from the shared configuration file ~/.aws/config, and create an Amazon Polly client.

sess := session.Must(session.NewSessionWithOptions(session.Options{ SharedConfigState: session.SharedConfigEnable, })) svc := polly.New(sess)

Create the input for and call SynthesizeSpeech.

input := &polly.SynthesizeSpeechInput{OutputFormat: aws.String("mp3"), Text: aws.String(s), VoiceId: aws.String("Joanna")} output, err := svc.SynthesizeSpeech(input)

Save the resulting synthesized speech as an MP3 file.

names := strings.Split(fileName, ".") name := names[0] mp3File := name + ".mp3" outFile, err := os.Create(mp3File) defer outFile.Close()

The resulting MP3 file is in the MPEG-2 format.

See the complete example on GitHub.