AWS SDK for JavaScript
Developer Guide for SDK v2

AWS Lambda Examples

AWS Lambda is a service that provides on-demand compute capacity that runs in response to events without the need to provision or maintain a server. With Lambda, you code computing tasks as Lambda functions, which can be called as needed across the Internet. You can write Lambda functions using Node.js.

                    Relationship between JavaScript environments, the SDK, and Lambda

For more information about Node.js programming in Lambda, see Programming Model (Node.js) in the AWS Lambda Developer Guide.

Using Lambda in Web Pages

The JavaScript API for Lambda is exposed through the AWS.Lambda client class. For more information about using the Lambda client class, see Class: AWS.Lambda in the API reference. Create an instance of the AWS.Lambda class to give your browser script a service object that can invoke a Lambda function. Create the JSON parameters you must pass to the AWS.Lambda.invoke method, which calls the Lambda function.

Any data returned by the Lambda function is returned in the callback mechanism you use. See Calling Services Asychronously for details about different ways to set up a callback mechanism.