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This documentation is for version 2.0 of the AWS SDK for .NET. For the latest version, see the AWS SDK for .NET Developer Guide for version 3.

Terminate an EC2 Instance Using the the SDK

When you no longer need one or more of your EC2 instances, you can terminate them.

To terminate an EC2 instance

Create and initialize a TerminateInstancesRequest object. Set the InstanceIds property to a list of one or more instance IDs. In this example, instanceIds is the list that you saved when you launched the instances.

Pass the request object to the client object's TerminateInstances method.

var deleteRequest = new TerminateInstancesRequest() { InstanceIds = instanceIds }; var deleteResponse = ec2Client.TerminateInstances(deleteRequest); foreach (InstanceStateChange item in deleteResponse.TerminatingInstances) { Console.WriteLine(); Console.WriteLine("Terminated instance: " + item.InstanceId); Console.WriteLine("Instance state: " + item.CurrentState.Name); }

To list the terminated instances

You can use the response object as follows to list the terminated instances.

List<InstanceStateChange> terminatedInstances = termResponse.TerminateInstancesResult.TerminatingInstance; foreach(InstanceStateChange item in terminatedInstances) { Console.WriteLine("Terminated Instance: " + item.InstanceId); }