Developer Guide

Constructing Amazon SQS Queue URLs

You need a queue URL to send, receive, and delete queue messages. You can get your queue URL using the GetQueueUrl method.

var client = new AmazonSQSClient(); var request = new GetQueueUrlRequest { QueueName = "MyTestQueue", QueueOwnerAWSAccountId = "80398EXAMPLE" }; var response = client.GetQueueUrl(request); Console.WriteLine("Queue URL: " + response.QueueUrl);

To find your AWS account number, go to Security Credentials. Your account number is located under Account Number at the top-right of the page.

For information about sending a message to a queue, see Sending an Amazon SQS Message.

For information about receiving messages from a queue, see Receiving a Message from an Amazon SQS Queue.

For information about deleting messages from a queue, see Deleting a Message from an Amazon SQS Queue.