Tutorials for deploying your application - AWS SDK for .NET

Do you want to deploy your .NET applications to AWS in just a few simple clicks? Try our new .NET CLI tooling for a simplified deployment experience! Read our blog post and submit your feedback on GitHub!

For additional information, see the section for the deployment tool in this guide.

Tutorials for deploying your application

This is prerelease documentation for a feature in preview release. It is subject to change.

After you develop your application, you deploy it to AWS. When you use the deployment tool, the tool shows you all of the AWS compute-service options that are available to deploy your application. It then suggests the most likely choice, as well as the most likely settings to go along with that choice.

The following sections show some examples of deployments to AWS. The examples use rudimentary applications, the [default] credentials profile, and the default settings that are provided by the deployment tool.

For an example that demonstrates deployment projects, see the blog post Deployment Projects with the new AWS .NET Deployment Experience.