Running the deployment tool - AWS SDK for .NET

Do you want to deploy your .NET applications to AWS in just a few simple clicks? Try our new .NET CLI tooling for a simplified deployment experience! Read our blog post and submit your feedback on GitHub!

For additional information, see the section for the deployment tool in this guide.

Running the deployment tool

This is prerelease documentation for a feature in preview release. It is subject to change.

To help you become familiar with the deployment tool, this topic contains a quick tour of the tool's command line.

Command line help

For basic help, run the following:

dotnet aws --help

The available commands are listed in the Commands section of the help text; for example, deploy and list-deployments.

To get help on a specific command, use --help in the context of that command. For example:

dotnet aws deploy --help

Some common commands

To deploy or redeploy an application:

cd <dotnet_core_app_directory> dotnet aws deploy [--profile <profile_name>] [--region <region_code>] [--apply <configuration_file>] [-s|--silent]

To show a list of the CloudFormation stacks that you've created by using the tool:

dotnet aws list-deployments [—region <region_code>] [--profile <profile_name>]