Developer Guide

Install AWSSDK Assemblies

You can install the AWSSDK assemblies by installing the AWS SDK for .NET or by installing the AWS assemblies with NuGet.

Installing the AWS SDK for .NET

The following procedure describes how to install the AWS SDK for .NET, which contains the AWS SDK for .NET, the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio, and the Tools for Windows PowerShell.


The AWS SDK for .NET is also available on GitHub.

To install the AWS SDK for .NET

  1. Go to AWS SDK for .NET.

  2. In the Downloads section, choose Download MSI Installer to download the installer.

  3. To start installation, run the downloaded installer and follow the on-screen instructions.


    By default, the AWS SDK for .NET is installed in the Program Files directory, which requires administrator privileges. To install the AWS SDK for .NET as a non-administrator, choose a different installation directory.

  4. (Optional) You can use NuGet to install individual AWSSDK service assemblies and extensions for the AWS SDK for .NET, which include a session state provider and a trace listener. For more information, see Installing AWSSDK Assemblies with NuGet.

Installing AWSSDK Assemblies with NuGet

NuGet is a package management system for the .NET platform. With NuGet, you can add the AWSSDK assemblies, as well as the TraceListener and SessionProvider extensions, to your application.

NuGet always has the most recent versions of the AWSSDK assemblies, and also enables you to install previous versions. NuGet is aware of dependencies between assemblies and installs all required assemblies automatically. Assemblies installed with NuGet are stored with your solution instead of in a central location, such as in the Program Files directory. This enables you to install assembly versions specific to a given application without creating compatibility issues for other applications. For more information about NuGet, see the NuGet documentation.

NuGet is installed automatically with Visual Studio 2010 or later. If you are using an earlier version of Visual Studio, you can install NuGet from the Visual Studio Gallery on MSDN.

You can use NuGet from Solution Explorer or from the Package Manager Console.

NuGet AWSSDK Packages

The NuGet website provides a page for every package available through NuGet. The page for each package includes a sample command line for installing the package using the Package Manager Console. Each page also includes a list of the previous versions of the package that are available through NuGet. For a list of AWSSDK packages available from NuGet, see AWSSDK Packages.

Using NuGet from Solution Explorer

To use NuGet from Solution Explorer

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click your project, and then choose Manage NuGet Packages from the context menu.

  2. In the left pane of the Manage NuGet Packages dialog box, choose Online. You can then use the search box in the top-right corner to search for the package you want to install.

    The following figure shows the AWSSDK - Core Runtime assembly package. You can see NuGet is aware that this package has a dependency on the AWSSDK.Core assembly package; NuGet automatically installs the AWSSDK.Core package, if it is not already installed.

                        AWSSDK Core Runtime package and dependency on :code:`AWSSDK.Core` assembly shown in
Manage NuGet Packages dialog

Using NuGet from the Package Manager Console

To use NuGet from the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio

  • Visual Studio 2010

    From the Tools menu, choose Library Package Manager, and then click Package Manager Console.

  • Visual Studio 2012 and later

    From the Tools menu, choose Nuget Package Manager, and then click Package Manager Console.

You can install the AWSSDK assemblies you want from the Package Manager Console by using the Install-Package command. For example, to install the AWSSDK.AutoScaling assembly, use the following command.

PM> Install-Package AWSSDK.AutoScaling

NuGet also installs any dependencies, such as AWSSDK.Core.

To install an earlier version of a package, use the -Version option and specify the package version you want. For example, to install version of the AWS SDK for .NET assembly, use the following command line.

PM> Install-Package AWSSDK.Core -Version

For more information about Package Manager Console commands, see Package Manager Console Commands (v1.3).