AWS Guide for .NET Developers

Connecting to Your Linux instance

You can connect to your Linux instance within Visual Studio by using the Toolkit for Visual Studio.

The Toolkit for Visual Studio uses the SSH client Putty to connect to Amazon EC2 instances. It's a free SSH client available from

  1. In AWS Explorer, expand Instances under Amazon EC2, right-click your Linux instance, and then choose Open SSH Session.

  2. In the Open SSH Session dialog box, choose Use EC2 keypair to log on to use a keypair associated with the instance.

    If the keypair isn't stored in the Toolkit for Visual Studio, you can copy the private key for the instance and paste it in the Private Key box. Choose Save Private Key to save the private key to the Toolkit for Visual Studio. It will be associated with the instance and used for future connections.

    You can also use a password. Choose Enter password and type in the password for the instance. To save your credentials, choose Save Credentials. Your credentials will be used for future connections.

  3. Verify the Location of Putty.

  4. Choose OK to connect.

    A Putty window opens and you are connected.

    If you experience problems connecting, see Troubleshooting Connecting to Your Instance.