AWS Guide for .NET Developers

Connecting to a SQL Server Instance

You can connect to an existing SQL Server instance using Server Explorer and the Toolkit for Visual Studio in Visual Studio.


If your machine is behind a proxy/firewall, you might need to contact your network administrator.

In this procedure you connect to your sample DB instance by using Toolkit for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Server Explorer.

  1. In AWS Explorer, expand the Amazon RDS node and the Instances node. Right-click your DB instance, and then choose Add to Server Explorer.

    If the Toolkit for Visual Studio cannot connect, the Unable to Connect dialog box is displayed. The dialog box gives you the option of adding your current CIPR/IP to the DB instance security group. Choose OK to add or Cancel to exit.

    If you cannot connect, you might need to contact your network network administrator.

  2. In the Add Connection dialog box, choose SQL Server Authentication in the Authentication list, and then type your User name and Password.

  3. To connect to a specific database, in the Select or enter a database name list, choose a database.

  4. Choose OK to connect.