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Class: Aws::CloudDirectory::Types::TypedLinkSpecifier

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When passing TypedLinkSpecifier as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  typed_link_facet: { # required
    schema_arn: "Arn", # required
    typed_link_name: "TypedLinkName", # required
  source_object_reference: { # required
    selector: "SelectorObjectReference",
  target_object_reference: { # required
    selector: "SelectorObjectReference",
  identity_attribute_values: [ # required
      attribute_name: "AttributeName", # required
      value: { # required
        string_value: "StringAttributeValue",
        binary_value: "data",
        boolean_value: false,
        number_value: "NumberAttributeValue",

Contains all the information that is used to uniquely identify a typed link. The parameters discussed in this topic are used to uniquely specify the typed link being operated on. The AttachTypedLink API returns a typed link specifier while the DetachTypedLink API accepts one as input. Similarly, the ListIncomingTypedLinks and ListOutgoingTypedLinks API operations provide typed link specifiers as output. You can also construct a typed link specifier from scratch.

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Instance Attribute Details


Identifies the attribute value to update.



Identifies the source object that the typed link will attach to.



Identifies the target object that the typed link will attach to.


Identifies the typed link facet that is associated with the typed link.