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Class: Aws::CodeBuild::Types::LogsConfig

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When passing LogsConfig as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  cloud_watch_logs: {
    status: "ENABLED", # required, accepts ENABLED, DISABLED
    group_name: "String",
    stream_name: "String",
  s3_logs: {
    status: "ENABLED", # required, accepts ENABLED, DISABLED
    location: "String",
    encryption_disabled: false,

Information about logs for a build project. These can be logs in Amazon CloudWatch Logs, built in a specified S3 bucket, or both.

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Information about Amazon CloudWatch Logs for a build project. Amazon CloudWatch Logs are enabled by default.



Information about logs built to an S3 bucket for a build project. S3 logs are not enabled by default.