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Class: Aws::CodeBuild::Types::ProjectCache

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When passing ProjectCache as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  type: "NO_CACHE", # required, accepts NO_CACHE, S3, LOCAL
  location: "String",

Information about the cache for the build project.

Returned by:

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Information about the cache location:

  • NO_CACHE or LOCAL: This value is ignored.

  • S3: This is the S3 bucket name/prefix.


  • (String)

    Information about the cache location:.


If you use a LOCAL cache, the local cache mode. You can use one or more local cache modes at the same time.

  • LOCAL_SOURCE_CACHE mode caches Git metadata for primary and secondary sources. After the cache is created, subsequent builds pull only the change between commits. This mode is a good choice for projects with a clean working directory and a source that is a large Git repository. If you choose this option and your project does not use a Git repository (GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, or Bitbucket), the option is ignored.

  • LOCAL_DOCKER_LAYER_CACHE mode caches existing Docker layers. This mode is a good choice for projects that build or pull large Docker images. It can prevent the performance issues caused by pulling large Docker images down from the network.

    * You can use a Docker layer cache in the Linux environment only.

    • The privileged flag must be set so that your project has the required Docker permissions.

    • You should consider the security implications before you use a Docker layer cache.


  • LOCAL_CUSTOM_CACHE mode caches directories you specify in the buildspec file. This mode is a good choice if your build scenario is not suited to one of the other three local cache modes. If you use a custom cache:

    • Only directories can be specified for caching. You cannot specify individual files.

    • Symlinks are used to reference cached directories.

    • Cached directories are linked to your build before it downloads its project sources. Cached items are overridden if a source item has the same name. Directories are specified using cache paths in the buildspec file.


  • (Array<String>)

    If you use a LOCAL cache, the local cache mode.


The type of cache used by the build project. Valid values include:

  • NO_CACHE: The build project does not use any cache.

  • S3: The build project reads and writes from and to S3.

  • LOCAL: The build project stores a cache locally on a build host that is only available to that build host.

    Possible values:

    • NO_CACHE
    • S3
    • LOCAL


  • (String)

    The type of cache used by the build project.