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Class: Aws::ECS::Types::DeploymentController

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When passing DeploymentController as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  type: "ECS", # required, accepts ECS, CODE_DEPLOY, EXTERNAL

The deployment controller to use for the service. For more information, see Amazon ECS Deployment Types in the Amazon Elastic Container Service Developer Guide.

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The deployment controller type to use.

There are three deployment controller types available:


The rolling update (ECS) deployment type involves replacing the current running version of the container with the latest version. The number of containers Amazon ECS adds or removes from the service during a rolling update is controlled by adjusting the minimum and maximum number of healthy tasks allowed during a service deployment, as specified in the DeploymentConfiguration.


The blue/green (CODE_DEPLOY) deployment type uses the blue/green deployment model powered by AWS CodeDeploy, which allows you to verify a new deployment of a service before sending production traffic to it.


The external (EXTERNAL) deployment type enables you to use any third-party deployment controller for full control over the deployment process for an Amazon ECS service.

Possible values:

  • ECS


  • (String)

    The deployment controller type to use.