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Class: Aws::ElasticBeanstalk::Types::ApplicationResourceLifecycleConfig

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When passing ApplicationResourceLifecycleConfig as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  service_role: "String",
  version_lifecycle_config: {
    max_count_rule: {
      enabled: false, # required
      max_count: 1,
      delete_source_from_s3: false,
    max_age_rule: {
      enabled: false, # required
      max_age_in_days: 1,
      delete_source_from_s3: false,

The resource lifecycle configuration for an application. Defines lifecycle settings for resources that belong to the application, and the service role that AWS Elastic Beanstalk assumes in order to apply lifecycle settings. The version lifecycle configuration defines lifecycle settings for application versions.

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The ARN of an IAM service role that Elastic Beanstalk has permission to assume.

The ServiceRole property is required the first time that you provide a VersionLifecycleConfig for the application in one of the supporting calls (CreateApplication or UpdateApplicationResourceLifecycle). After you provide it once, in either one of the calls, Elastic Beanstalk persists the Service Role with the application, and you don\'t need to specify it again in subsequent UpdateApplicationResourceLifecycle calls. You can, however, specify it in subsequent calls to change the Service Role to another value.


  • (String)

    The ARN of an IAM service role that Elastic Beanstalk has permission to assume.


Defines lifecycle settings for application versions.