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Class: Aws::FSx::Types::Alias

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A DNS alias that is associated with the file system. You can use a DNS alias to access a file system using user-defined DNS names, in addition to the default DNS name that Amazon FSx assigns to the file system. For more information, see DNS aliases in the FSx for Windows File Server User Guide.

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Describes the state of the DNS alias.

  • AVAILABLE - The DNS alias is associated with an Amazon FSx file system.

  • CREATING - Amazon FSx is creating the DNS alias and associating it with the file system.

  • CREATE_FAILED - Amazon FSx was unable to associate the DNS alias with the file system.

  • DELETING - Amazon FSx is disassociating the DNS alias from the file system and deleting it.

  • DELETE_FAILED - Amazon FSx was unable to disassocate the DNS alias from the file system.

    Possible values:



  • (String)

    Describes the state of the DNS alias.


The name of the DNS alias. The alias name has to meet the following requirements:

  • Formatted as a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN), hostname.domain, for example,

  • Can contain alphanumeric characters and the hyphen (-).

  • Cannot start or end with a hyphen.

  • Can start with a numeric.

For DNS names, Amazon FSx stores alphabetic characters as lowercase letters (a-z), regardless of how you specify them: as uppercase letters, lowercase letters, or the corresponding letters in escape codes.


  • (String)

    The name of the DNS alias.