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Class: Aws::GlueDataBrew::Types::RecipeStep

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When passing RecipeStep as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  action: { # required
    operation: "Operation", # required
    parameters: {
      "ParameterName" => "ParameterValue",
  condition_expressions: [
      condition: "Condition", # required
      value: "ConditionValue",
      target_column: "TargetColumn", # required

Represents a single step to be performed in an AWS Glue DataBrew recipe.

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The particular action to be performed in the recipe step.



One or more conditions that must be met, in order for the recipe step to succeed.

All of the conditions in the array must be met. In other words, all of the conditions must be combined using a logical AND operation.