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Class: Aws::KinesisAnalyticsV2::Types::FlinkApplicationConfigurationUpdate

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When passing FlinkApplicationConfigurationUpdate as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  checkpoint_configuration_update: {
    configuration_type_update: "DEFAULT", # accepts DEFAULT, CUSTOM
    checkpointing_enabled_update: false,
    checkpoint_interval_update: 1,
    min_pause_between_checkpoints_update: 1,
  monitoring_configuration_update: {
    configuration_type_update: "DEFAULT", # accepts DEFAULT, CUSTOM
    metrics_level_update: "APPLICATION", # accepts APPLICATION, TASK, OPERATOR, PARALLELISM
    log_level_update: "INFO", # accepts INFO, WARN, ERROR, DEBUG
  parallelism_configuration_update: {
    configuration_type_update: "DEFAULT", # accepts DEFAULT, CUSTOM
    parallelism_update: 1,
    parallelism_per_kpu_update: 1,
    auto_scaling_enabled_update: false,

Describes updates to the configuration parameters for a Flink-based Kinesis Data Analytics application.

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Describes updates to an application\'s checkpointing configuration. Checkpointing is the process of persisting application state for fault tolerance.



Describes updates to the configuration parameters for Amazon CloudWatch logging for an application.



Describes updates to the parameters for how an application executes multiple tasks simultaneously.