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Class: Aws::MediaConnect::Types::AddFlowOutputsRequest

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When passing AddFlowOutputsRequest as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  flow_arn: "__string", # required
  outputs: [ # required
      cidr_allow_list: ["__string"],
      description: "__string",
      destination: "__string",
      encryption: {
        algorithm: "aes128", # required, accepts aes128, aes192, aes256
        constant_initialization_vector: "__string",
        device_id: "__string",
        key_type: "speke", # accepts speke, static-key
        region: "__string",
        resource_id: "__string",
        role_arn: "__string", # required
        secret_arn: "__string",
        url: "__string",
      max_latency: 1,
      name: "__string",
      port: 1,
      protocol: "zixi-push", # required, accepts zixi-push, rtp-fec, rtp, zixi-pull, rist
      remote_id: "__string",
      smoothing_latency: 1,
      stream_id: "__string",

Adds outputs to an existing flow. You can create up to 50 outputs per flow.

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A list of outputs that you want to add.