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Class: Aws::MediaConvert::Types::ImageInserter

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When passing ImageInserter as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  insertable_images: [
      duration: 1,
      fade_in: 1,
      fade_out: 1,
      height: 1,
      image_inserter_input: "__stringMin14PatternS3BmpBMPPngPNGTgaTGAHttpsBmpBMPPngPNGTgaTGA",
      image_x: 1,
      image_y: 1,
      layer: 1,
      opacity: 1,
      start_time: "__stringPattern01D20305D205D",
      width: 1,

Enable the image inserter feature to include a graphic overlay on your video. Enable or disable this feature for each input or output individually. This setting is disabled by default.

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Specify the images that you want to overlay on your video. The images must be PNG or TGA files.