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Class: Aws::Rekognition::Types::StartTextDetectionFilters

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When passing StartTextDetectionFilters as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  word_filter: {
    min_confidence: 1.0,
    min_bounding_box_height: 1.0,
    min_bounding_box_width: 1.0,
  regions_of_interest: [
      bounding_box: {
        width: 1.0,
        height: 1.0,
        left: 1.0,
        top: 1.0,

Set of optional parameters that let you set the criteria text must meet to be included in your response. WordFilter looks at a word's height, width and minimum confidence. RegionOfInterest lets you set a specific region of the screen to look for text in.

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Filter focusing on a certain area of the frame. Uses a BoundingBox object to set the region of the screen.



Filters focusing on qualities of the text, such as confidence or size.