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Class: Aws::SNS::Types::SetEndpointAttributesInput

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When passing SetEndpointAttributesInput as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  endpoint_arn: "String", # required
  attributes: { # required
    "String" => "String",

Input for SetEndpointAttributes action.

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Instance Attribute Details


A map of the endpoint attributes. Attributes in this map include the following:

  • CustomUserData – arbitrary user data to associate with the endpoint. Amazon SNS does not use this data. The data must be in UTF-8 format and less than 2KB.

  • Enabled – flag that enables/disables delivery to the endpoint. Amazon SNS will set this to false when a notification service indicates to Amazon SNS that the endpoint is invalid. Users can set it back to true, typically after updating Token.

  • Token – device token, also referred to as a registration id, for an app and mobile device. This is returned from the notification service when an app and mobile device are registered with the notification service.


  • (Hash<String,String>)

    A map of the endpoint attributes.


EndpointArn used for SetEndpointAttributes action.


  • (String)

    EndpointArn used for SetEndpointAttributes action.