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Class: Aws::SSM::Types::InstanceInformationFilter

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When passing InstanceInformationFilter as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  key: "InstanceIds", # required, accepts InstanceIds, AgentVersion, PingStatus, PlatformTypes, ActivationIds, IamRole, ResourceType, AssociationStatus
  value_set: ["InstanceInformationFilterValue"], # required

Describes a filter for a specific list of instances. You can filter instances information by using tags. You specify tags by using a key-value mapping.

Use this action instead of the DescribeInstanceInformationRequest$InstanceInformationFilterList method. The InstanceInformationFilterList method is a legacy method and does not support tags.

Instance Attribute Summary collapse

Instance Attribute Details


The name of the filter.

Possible values:

  • InstanceIds
  • AgentVersion
  • PingStatus
  • PlatformTypes
  • ActivationIds
  • IamRole
  • ResourceType
  • AssociationStatus


  • (String)

    The name of the filter.


The filter values.


  • (Array<String>)

    The filter values.