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Class: Aws::SecurityHub::Types::AwsElbLoadBalancerAttributes

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When passing AwsElbLoadBalancerAttributes as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  access_log: {
    emit_interval: 1,
    enabled: false,
    s3_bucket_name: "NonEmptyString",
    s3_bucket_prefix: "NonEmptyString",
  connection_draining: {
    enabled: false,
    timeout: 1,
  connection_settings: {
    idle_timeout: 1,
  cross_zone_load_balancing: {
    enabled: false,

Contains attributes for the load balancer.

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Information about the access log configuration for the load balancer.

If the access log is enabled, the load balancer captures detailed information about all requests. It delivers the information to a specified S3 bucket.



Information about the connection draining configuration for the load balancer.

If connection draining is enabled, the load balancer allows existing requests to complete before it shifts traffic away from a deregistered or unhealthy instance.



Connection settings for the load balancer.

If an idle timeout is configured, the load balancer allows connections to remain idle for the specified duration. When a connection is idle, no data is sent over the connection.



Cross-zone load balancing settings for the load balancer.

If cross-zone load balancing is enabled, the load balancer routes the request traffic evenly across all instances regardless of the Availability Zones.