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Class: Aws::StorageGateway::Types::DescribeChapCredentialsOutput

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A JSON object containing the following fields:

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An array of ChapInfo objects that represent CHAP credentials. Each object in the array contains CHAP credential information for one target-initiator pair. If no CHAP credentials are set, an empty array is returned. CHAP credential information is provided in a JSON object with the following fields:

  • InitiatorName: The iSCSI initiator that connects to the target.

  • SecretToAuthenticateInitiator: The secret key that the initiator (for example, the Windows client) must provide to participate in mutual CHAP with the target.

  • SecretToAuthenticateTarget: The secret key that the target must provide to participate in mutual CHAP with the initiator (e.g. Windows client).

  • TargetARN: The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the storage volume.