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Provides options for how often Config delivers configuration snapshots to the Amazon S3 bucket in your delivery channel.

The frequency for a rule that triggers evaluations for your resources when Config delivers the configuration snapshot is set by one of two values, depending on which is less frequent:

  • The value for the deliveryFrequency parameter within the delivery channel configuration, which sets how often Config delivers configuration snapshots. This value also sets how often Config invokes evaluations for Config rules.

  • The value for the MaximumExecutionFrequency parameter, which sets the maximum frequency with which Config invokes evaluations for the rule. For more information, see ConfigRule.

If the deliveryFrequency value is less frequent than the MaximumExecutionFrequency value for a rule, Config invokes the rule only as often as the deliveryFrequency value.

  1. For example, you want your rule to run evaluations when Config delivers the configuration snapshot.

  2. You specify the MaximumExecutionFrequency value for Six_Hours.

  3. You then specify the delivery channel deliveryFrequency value for TwentyFour_Hours.

  4. Because the value for deliveryFrequency is less frequent than MaximumExecutionFrequency, Config invokes evaluations for the rule every 24 hours.

You should set the MaximumExecutionFrequency value to be at least as frequent as the deliveryFrequency value. You can view the deliveryFrequency value by using the DescribeDeliveryChannnels action.

To update the deliveryFrequency with which Config delivers your configuration snapshots, use the PutDeliveryChannel action.

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The frequency with which Config delivers configuration snapshots.


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# File 'gems/aws-sdk-configservice/lib/aws-sdk-configservice/types.rb', line 1190

class ConfigSnapshotDeliveryProperties <
  include Aws::Structure