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Specifies whether the configuration recorder excludes certain resource types from being recorded. Use the resourceTypes field to enter a comma-separated list of resource types you want to exclude from recording.

By default, when Config adds support for a new resource type in the Region where you set up the configuration recorder, including global resource types, Config starts recording resources of that type automatically.

How to use the exclusion recording strategy

To use this option, you must set the useOnly field of RecordingStrategy to EXCLUSION_BY_RESOURCE_TYPES.

Config will then record configuration changes for all supported resource types, except the resource types that you specify to exclude from being recorded.

Global resource types and the exclusion recording strategy

Unless specifically listed as exclusions, AWS::RDS::GlobalCluster will be recorded automatically in all supported Config Regions were the configuration recorder is enabled.

IAM users, groups, roles, and customer managed policies will be recorded in the Region where you set up the configuration recorder if that is a Region where Config was available before February 2022. You cannot be record the global IAM resouce types in Regions supported by Config after February 2022. This list where you cannot record the global IAM resource types includes the following Regions:

  • Asia Pacific (Hyderabad)

  • Asia Pacific (Melbourne)

  • Canada West (Calgary)

  • Europe (Spain)

  • Europe (Zurich)

  • Israel (Tel Aviv)

  • Middle East (UAE)

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A comma-separated list of resource types to exclude from recording by the configuration recorder.


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# File 'gems/aws-sdk-configservice/lib/aws-sdk-configservice/types.rb', line 3752

class ExclusionByResourceTypes <
  include Aws::Structure