Module: Aws::MediaConvert::Errors

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When MediaConvert returns an error response, the Ruby SDK constructs and raises an error. These errors all extend Aws::MediaConvert::Errors::ServiceError < Errors::ServiceError

You can rescue all MediaConvert errors using ServiceError:

  # do stuff
rescue Aws::MediaConvert::Errors::ServiceError
  # rescues all MediaConvert API errors

Request Context

ServiceError objects have a #context method that returns information about the request that generated the error. See Seahorse::Client::RequestContext for more information.

Error Classes

Additionally, error classes are dynamically generated for service errors based on the error code if they are not defined above.

Defined Under Namespace

Classes: BadRequestException, ConflictException, ForbiddenException, InternalServerErrorException, NotFoundException, TooManyRequestsException