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Class: Aws::Route53::Types::ConflictingDomainExists

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The cause of this error depends on whether you're trying to create a public or a private hosted zone:

  • Public hosted zone: Two hosted zones that have the same name or that have a parent/child relationship ( and can't have any common name servers. You tried to create a hosted zone that has the same name as an existing hosted zone or that's the parent or child of an existing hosted zone, and you specified a delegation set that shares one or more name servers with the existing hosted zone. For more information, see CreateReusableDelegationSet.

  • Private hosted zone: You specified an Amazon VPC that you're already using for another hosted zone, and the domain that you specified for one of the hosted zones is a subdomain of the domain that you specified for the other hosted zone. For example, you can't use the same Amazon VPC for the hosted zones for and

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# File 'gems/aws-sdk-route53/lib/aws-sdk-route53/types.rb', line 989

class ConflictingDomainExists <
  include Aws::Structure