Creating an Amazon DynamoDB Table - AWS SDK for Ruby

Creating an Amazon DynamoDB Table

The following example creates the table Movies with two required attributes: year and title in the us-west-2 region.

The wait_until call blocks you from using the table until DynamoDB has created it. By default, the DynamoDB client’s wait_until method checks every 20 seconds, up to a maximum of 500 seconds, to see if the table was created.

require 'aws-sdk-dynamodb' # v2: require 'aws-sdk' # Create dynamodb client in us-west-2 region dynamodb = 'us-west-2') # Create table Movies with year (integer) and title (string) params = { table_name: 'Movies', key_schema: [ { attribute_name: 'year', key_type: 'HASH' #Partition key }, { attribute_name: 'title', key_type: 'RANGE' #Sort key } ], attribute_definitions: [ { attribute_name: 'year', attribute_type: 'N' }, { attribute_name: 'title', attribute_type: 'S' }, ], provisioned_throughput: { read_capacity_units: 10, write_capacity_units: 10 } } begin result = dynamodb.create_table(params) puts 'Created table. Status: ' + result.table_description.table_status; rescue Aws::DynamoDB::Errors::ServiceError => error puts 'Unable to create table:' puts error.message end

See the complete example on GitHub.