AWS SDK for Ruby
Developer Guide

Decrypting a Data Blob in AWS KMS

The following example uses the AWS SDK for Rubydecrypt method, which implements the Decrypt operation, to decrypt the provided string and emit the result.

require 'aws-sdk-kms' # v2: require 'aws-sdk' # Decrypted blob blob = '01020200785d68faeec386af1057904926253051eb2919d3c16078badf65b808b26dd057c101747cadf3593596e093d4ffbf22434a6d00000068306606092a864886f70d010706a0593057020100305206092a864886f70d010701301e060960864801650304012e3011040c9d629e573683972cdb7d94b30201108025b20b060591b02ca0deb0fbdfc2f86c8bfcb265947739851ad56f3adce91eba87c59691a9a1' blob_packed = [blob].pack("H*") client = 'us-west-2') resp = client.decrypt({ ciphertext_blob: blob_packed }) puts 'Raw text: ' puts resp.plaintext

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