AWS SDK for Ruby
Developer Guide

Setting Default Server-Side Encryption for an Amazon S3 Bucket

The following example uses the put_bucket_encryption method to enable KMS server-side encryption on any items added to my_bucket in the us-west-2 region.

The only exception is if the user configures their request to explicitly use server-side encryption. In that case, the specified encryption takes precedence.

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Create the file add_default_sse_encryption.rb.

Add the required Amazon S3 gem.


Version 2 of the AWS SDK for Ruby didn't have service-specific gems.

require 'aws-sdk-s3' # In v2: require 'aws-sdk'

Get the KMS key from the command line, Where key is a KMS key ID as created in the Creating a CMK in AWS KMS example.

if ARGV.empty?() puts 'You must supply a key' exit 1 end key = ARGV[0]

Create an Amazon S3 client and call put_bucket_encryption to add default encryption to the bucket.

client.put_bucket_encryption( bucket: 'my_bucket', server_side_encryption_configuration: { rules: [{ apply_server_side_encryption_by_default: { sse_algorithm: 'aws:kms', kms_master_key_id: key } }] } )

See the complete example on GitHub.