Listing User Docs - AWS SDK for Ruby

Listing User Docs

The following example lists the documents for a user. Choose Copy to save the code locally, or see the link to the complete example at the end of this topic.

Require the AWS SDK for Ruby module.

require 'aws-sdk-workdocs' # v2: require 'aws-sdk'

Create a helper method to get the root folder of a user.

def get_user_folder(client, orgId, user_email) root_folder = '' resp = client.describe_users({ organization_id: orgId, }) # resp.users should have only one entry resp.users.each do |user| if user.email_address == user_email root_folder = user.root_folder_id end end return root_folder end

Create a Amazon WorkDocs client.

client = 'us-west-2')

Get the root folder for that user.

# Set to the email address of a user user_email = 'someone@somewhere' # Set to the OrganizationId of your WorkDocs site. orgId = 'd-123456789c' user_folder = get_user_folder(client, orgId, user_email)

Call describe_folder_contents to get the contents of the folder in ascending order.

resp = client.describe_folder_contents({ folder_id: user_folder, # required sort: "NAME", # accepts DATE, NAME order: "ASCENDING", # accepts ASCENDING, DESCENDING })

Display the name, size (in bytes), last modified date, document ID and version ID for each document in the user’s root folder.

resp.documents.each do |doc| md = doc.latest_version_metadata puts "Name: #{}" puts "Size (bytes): #{md.size}" puts "Last modified: #{doc.modified_timestamp}" puts "Doc ID: #{}" puts "Version ID: #{}" puts end

See the complete example on GitHub.