Application Auto Scaling examples using SDK for Rust - AWS SDK for Rust

This is documentation for the developer preview release of the AWS SDK for Rust. Do not use it in production as it is subject to breaking changes.

Application Auto Scaling examples using SDK for Rust

The following code examples show you how to perform actions and implement common scenarios by using the AWS SDK for Rust with Application Auto Scaling.

Actions are code excerpts from larger programs and must be run in context. While actions show you how to call individual service functions, you can see actions in context in their related scenarios and cross-service examples.

Scenarios are code examples that show you how to accomplish a specific task by calling multiple functions within the same service.

Each example includes a link to GitHub, where you can find instructions on how to set up and run the code in context.



The following code example shows how to describe Application Auto Scaling scaling policies for the specified service namespace.

SDK for Rust

This documentation is for an SDK in preview release. The SDK is subject to change and should not be used in production.


There's more on GitHub. Find the complete example and learn how to set up and run in the AWS Code Examples Repository.

async fn show_policies(client: &Client) -> Result<(), Error> { let response = client .describe_scaling_policies() .service_namespace(ServiceNamespace::Ec2) .send() .await?; if let Some(policies) = response.scaling_policies() { println!("Auto Scaling Policies:"); for policy in policies { println!("{:?}\n", policy); } } println!("Next token: {:?}", response.next_token()); Ok(()) }